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There is stairs and ramp access to the pavement via the bridge.

This station has a single island platform with the exits via the bridge near the front of northbound trains on platform 2. The exits may be behind the rear of shorter southbound trains on platform 1.

The doors will open on your right as you face the front of the train. There is tactile paving along the edge of each platform.

Go beyond the rear of the train (southbound) or to the front (northbound). the foot of the steps is on platform 1, whilst the foot of the ramp is to your left of this, on platform 2.

Via the Ramps

Continue up the first slope, turn right (180 degrees) then go up the second slope onto the bridge. Turn left then take the first turning left (the second leads to the steps), then go down the first slope. Turn right (180 degrees) then go down the second slope onto the pavement. Turn left for the taxi rank and left again and continue past the first shelter for the bus stop.


Via the Steps

Go up two flights of steps, to the bridge. Turn right, continue to the end then turn left and go down two flights of steps onto the pavement. Turn right for the taxi rank, or move right then continue forward beyond the first shelter for the bus stop.

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