Platform 2, WESTBOUND

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This is a separate platform along the south side of the station.

The steps from the subway lead into a waiting area about in the middle of the platform, the step-free entrance from the car park is adjacent to the waiting area, whilst the stepped entrance from Back Station Road is towards the east end of the platform. The lift is a few metres west of the waiting area, on the west half of the platform.

There's tactile paving along the edge of the platform.

To Reach

Via the Subway

Note that the subway is narrow and low, about 2 metres in height.

From the ticket office, you go south along the passage, up a Slight slope, there's an RNIB REACT beacon at the south end of the passage.

Via the Lift

Turn right, the lift is in front of you with the call button to your right (north) of the door. Go up to platform level, leave via the same door then continue forward beyond the rail on your left before turning left onto the platform. The 3/4 car stop sign is at the left-hand (west) end of the lift building.

Via the Steps

Turn left (east) then go up 13 then 15 steps, going east to platform level. There's tactile paving at the top and bottom of these steps, which have a hand rail to each side.

You're in a waiting area off platform 2.

The Waiting Area
West Side, Going North
  gap between wall and stairwell, no features of interest
steps from subway, in middle
barrier between steps and wall
North Side, Going East
  paper rack
East Side, Going South
  pull door onto platform, across lip in floor
South Side, Going West
  4 seats
ticket machine
4 seats
gap between wall and stairwell

From the Car Park

From the north side of the car park, you continue north along a short path. You pass the waiting room on your left before you reach the platform.

From Back Station Road

As you move west, up the slope towards the car park, you'll find a turning right (north) just before the car park entrance. Continue north, up five steps, going north, onto the platform. We believe you'll be behind the rear of shorter trains, we suggest you turn left and continue (west) towards the waiting room.

From the West

  slope off end
platform widens
post, six car stop
post, CCTV, Linlithgow
post, staff phone, Linlithgow
lift building,post, 3/4 car stop near west end
rail jutting about 1 metre east
gap to lift, turn right, call button right (north) of door
waiting area, east side of gap
wall retreats beyond waiting area, entrance/exit door in east side
path from car park
smart ticket reader
help point
railings continue
post, CCTV and departures screen
4 seats
4 seats
post, CCTV
post, CCTV, Linlithgow
exit to Back Station Road, down five steps, going south
post, CCTV
platform narrows
building with billboard and blank door
post, CCTV
metal gate and tactile at end

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