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This is a through station on the line between Edinburgh Waverley and Bathgate. From December 2010, this route will be extended to Glasgow Queen Street.


The tracks run approximately east/west between separate platforms with platform 1, serving eastbound trains towards Edinburgh lying north of platform 2, serving westbound trains towards Bathgate and Glasgow.

A cutting runs under Deans East Road such that the platforms extend west from under this bridge. Note that their are two bridges, the main road occupying the west bridge and a footpath occupying the smaller, east bridge.

This is an unstaffed station with no ticket office. There are two shelters on each platform. The entrances/exits to each platform are near, or possibly behind the rear of the trains.

The station itself merely comprises the two platforms. There is level access to platform 2 from the south car park, though there are complex paths providing stairs and step-free access between this platform and each side of Deans East Road.

There is stairs and step-free access, again involving complex paths, between platform 1, the north car park and either side of Deans East Road.

See the Environs page for details of these paths.


There is stairs and step-free access throughout this station. Although there is level access to platform 2 from the south car park, other routes to/from either platform may be complicated for some users of this unstaffed station.

We therefore believe the station is physically accessible to Guide Dog and wheelchair users, though we believe due care should be taken when following some of the more complex paths.

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