The Bridge

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This is the only link between the station entrance and platform 2. The bridge is about in the middle of the middle of the platform. There is lift and stairs access to this bridge.

There's a hand rail to each side of the steps and tactile paving at the top and vbottom of the steps from each platform.


From platform 1, you go up 5 x 7 steps, going north, onto the bridge. The door to the lift from platform 1 is in front of you, in a recess to the north. The call button is to your left (west) of the door.

Continue east, to the end. The lift to platform 2 is in a recess leading north, whilst the steps go down south. The call button for the lift is to your right (east) of the door.

You go down 5 x 7 steps, going south onto the platform.

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