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The station is located immediately to the north of the point at which Bridge Street (east/west) crosses the tracks. Bridge Street curves to the north, so as to pass the station to the west. Station Road, being the first turning right as you move north, leads east from Bridge Street into the station forecourt. Bridge street continues north, past a minor side street leading to the station car park, to join High Street (northeast/southwest) a short distance north of the station.

The forecourt is an open space outside the station building with the car park to the north, the station along the east side and the taxi pick-up point on the south. the vehicle drop-off point is immediately outside the entrance to the ticket office.

Entrances and Exits

All entrances to this station lead onto the northbound platform 1, from which the soutbound platform 2 can be reached via the bridge. Note that there is lift and stairs access to this bridge.

There are four step-free entrances/exits to this station:

Via the Gate, South of the Station Building, onto Platform 1

The fact that this entrance is gated would suggest that it's not intended for regular use. You'd go through the gate onto the platform, beside the rear half of the train.

Via the Ticket Office

The ticket office juts out west from the rest of the building, you go through a door leading north onto tactile flooring. Continue (north) up a slight slope, then through another door into the ticket office. The ticket sales window is in front of you, continue to the far side of the ticket office to avoid seating, before turning right and continuing through a pull door onto the platform. We noted that this had a rather heavy spring during our survey.

Via the Path North of the Station Building onto Platform 1

This is just beyond (north of) the station building, turn right and continue onto the platform, beside the front half of shorter trains, about in the middle of Intercity trains.

Via the Path from the Car Park onto Platform 1, Just North of the Lift

Follow this path (east) onto the platform. the lift door is to your right before you reach the platform, beyond the front of shorter trains, beside the front half of InterCity trains. The four and five car stop sign is under the bridge.

Local Road Crossings

We found no pedestrian crossings of Bridge Street during our survey. this is a busy road with a sharp left bend to the south of the station. If you need to cross this, we suggest you do so from the end of Station Road, or even further north, toward the junction with High Street.

Station Road appeared to be a relatively quiet road at the time of our survey, though this would probably be busier during peak hours. Due care needs to be taken when crossing the forecourt as we found vehicles moving in various directions between Station Road, the car park and taxi drop-off and pick-up areas.

Local Buses

There is a bus stop on each side of Bridge Street, a few metres south of the junction with Station road.

East Side of Bridge Street

This stop is called Bridge Street Opposite the Town Hall. The following services were listed at the time of our survey:

The west side of Bridge Street

Buses continue into an industrial estate then come back on the east side as indicated above.

Local Features

Station Road, Going West from the Forecourt

South Side

  Salvation Army Church and Community Centre
Black Bull, pub
Linn Prints
Taj Mahal, Indian restaurant

North Side

  public toilets
royalty Bar
hair dresser
Tower fish Bar

You go (west) up the slope onto the east side of Bridge Street. The war memorial is in the middle of Station Road, just east of Bridge Street.

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