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The doors will open on your left as you face the front of the train. If you're travelling southbound, you'll arrive on platform 2 and will need to cross the bridge onto platform 1. There is lift and stairs access via this bridge, which is about in the middle of the platforms.

There's tactile paving along the edge of platform 2, but none on platform 1.

Note also, that most of the posts are in the middle of the platforms.

From platform 1, you can leave via a path near the lift, directly to the car park, a path just beside the ticket office building to the forecourt, or leave to the forecourt via the ticket office.

From Platform 2, Southbound

We found no signs indicating the stopping places for shorter trains, neither did we see any of these stop at the station during our survey. We can, therefore, only give directions from each end of the platform, which is effectively fully occupied by InterCity trains.

As you move from the front of the train, you pass the shelter (beyond which is a help point before you reach the steps from the bridge, which go up towards the rear of the train. The lift is a few metres behind the steps, just beyond the bridge. You enter the lift from the far side, note that the door facing the front of the train is not for public use.

As you move from the rear of the train, you reach the metal wall of the covered area outside the door to the lift, you can turn left beyond this wall, to find the lift door on your right. Continuing, along the platform, you go under the bridge, before you find the steps on your left. If you need assistance, you can continue, beyond these to the shelter. The help point is on a post just before the shelter.

Via the Steps

You go up 5 x 7 steps, going towards the rear of the train. Turn left at the top then continue to the end of the bridge before turning left again and going down 5 x 7 steps onto the platform.

From here, you can leave via one of the exits described above.

Via the Lifts

See the lifts page for details of the two lifts within this station.

Go to bridge level, leave via the other set of doors, turn right and continue to the recess leading to your right, towards the lift to platform 1. Go down to platform level. From here, you can turn immediately left towards the car park, or turn right (180 degrees) and leave via the path or ticket office to the station forecourt.

From Platform 1

We found a three car stop sign just beyond (north of) the building and a four and five car stop sign under the bridge. This means that the lift and the direct path to the car park are beyond the front of shorter trains and about in the middle of the InterCity services. The ticket office and the path directly to the forecourt are beside the rear half of InterCity trains, about in the middle of five and four car trains and near the front of three car trains. See the Environs page for details.

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