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The station is located on the southeast side of the strand (northeast/southwest), a few metres southwest of Villiers Street (southeast).

The Charing Cross Hotel shares the building with the station so that the northeast section of the frontage leads onto a forecourt between the building and the Strand, whilst the southwest section leads directly onto the pavement.

Entrances and Exits

There are five entrances/exits to this station:

The Level Entrances

The Charing Cross Hotel, middle and Strand entrances give level access from the forecourt or pavement, via short passages, into the concourse. There's an additional entrance from the forecourt into the passage from the Strand entrance.

The Villiers Street Entrance

From the southwest side of Villiers Street, you go up 14, 13 then 13 steps, going southwest, into the east corner of the concourse, continue forward to locate the gates to platforms 1 - 4 to your left.

From the Underground Station

This consists of an upward escalator (entrance) lying northeast of steps (the exit). You go down 14 then 13 steps, going northwest into a passage. The passage turns left (southwest) then right again (northwest), before you go down 14 steps, going northwest to the Underground concourse level, exit 4.

Local Road Crossings

There's a single-stage crossing outside the Strand entrance with tactile paving at each end. The post with push button and rotating cone is to your right as you cross in either direction.

We noted no formal crossing of Villiers Street, though this may be blocked to traffic to/from the Strand.

Local Buses

Strand Southeast

Bus Stop H, on the island between the taxi entrance and exit, serves buses towards Hyde Park Corner or Oxford Circus,6, 9, 13, 15, 23, 139, 176, N9, N13 and N15. The 6, 23, 139 and 176 are 24 hour services.

Strand Northwest

Going southwest from the crossing, Bus Stop F, Trafalgar Square, serving buses towards Holborn and St Paul's, 11, 15, 23, 91, N11, N15, N21, N26, N47, N89, N91, N343 N551. The 23 is a 24 hour service.

Continuing Southwest, Bus Stop E, serving buses towards Aldwich, 6, 9, 13, 87, N9, N13, N44, N87, N155. The 6 is a 24 hour service.

Local Features

The Forecourt

This is the area bounded to the southeast by the hotel/station building, to the southwest by the southwest entrance section of the station and to the northwest by the Strand. Villiers Street runs along the northeast side, but at a lower level, sloping up towards the strand. You can go up seven steps, going southwest from Villiers Street onto tactile paving outside the hotel entrance.

Taxis enter from the Strand (northwest), towards the northeast side of the forecourt before passing the drop-off then pick-up points outside the station and returning (northwest) to the Strand, towards the southwest side of the forecourt. There's an island of pavement on the Strand between the entrance and exit roads.

The Charing Cross statue is in the middle of the forecourt, this was under restoration at the time of our survey.

The Strand, Going Southwest from the Corner of Villiers Street

  area with tactile paving inside corner
blank road to hotel, blocked
taxi entrance, no tactile
railings with nine pillars supporting canopy, Bus Stop H to right
tactile paving indicates crossing of taxi exit, no pedestrian control
Strand entrance to station
entrance to Underground Station, steps down southeast to exit 6

Southeast Side of Forecourt, Going Southwest

  tactile paving outside hotel
canopy starts
Charing Cross Hotel entrance to station
entrance to Underground Station on left-hand side, steps down southwest to exit 3
two entrances to station, (middle entrance), beyond stairwell
rails along right-hand side for taxi queue, queue southwest
entrance to M&S Simply Food
exit from M&S Simply Food
through archway into southwest passage to concourse

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