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This is the terminus for servicess to East Sussex and Kent, though trains from here also pass through Waterloo East and London Bridge stations.


There are three island platforms leading southeast from the concourse, numbered 1 - 6 from northeast to southwest. Note that platforms 1 - 2 and 3 - 4 are set further to the southeast than platforms 5 - 6.

The concourse is an irregular shape with the platforms leading from the southeast side, with most of the entrances on the northwest. There is, however, an entrance from Villiers Street in the east corner, that is to your left as you face platforms 1 - 2.

There are two gate lines, one serving platforms 1 - 4 and the other serving platform 5 - 6. Each gate line has wide manual gates, though there appeared to be no pattern to the direction of the automatic gates at the time of our survey.

There's a foot bridge towards the southeast end of all platforms which leads to the Cumberland Avenue entrance, which is only open during peak morning hours. The bridge can, however, be used to change between platforms 5 - 6 and other platforms. Note there is no connection between platforms 5 - 6 and other platforms inside the gates. If you can't use the foot bridge, you'll have to go through the gates serving each set of platforms.

There is level access to the concourse from all exits on the northwest side, whilst the entrance from Villiers Street is via 40 steps.

There are several retail outlets around the walls of the concourse and a separate retail block between the entrances from the forecourt and the gate line to platforms 1 - 4.


There is level access from the forecourt and Strand into the concourse. There is also level access between the concourse and platforms. We therefore believe this station is accessible to Guide Dog and wheelchair users.

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