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The Virgin Trains Information Point

This is located on the north side of the platform level concourse, being the last counter on your left as you move away from the main entrance. If you find the exit doors towards the long stay car park on your left, or the gate to platform 1 in front of you, you've overshot.

Station Reception

Station Reception is reached via the entrance to the long stay car park, in the northeast corner of the platform level concourse.

As you leave the concourse, the window is to your left, beyond the car park pay point.

As you enter the station, the window is to your right, beyond a metal barrier jutting out from the right-hand wall of this area.

To your right of the window to Station Reception, on the wall is a metal box with the call button towards the bottom, which you press for assistance. This is a small button, the box is about 120 cm from the floor.

Trade Reception which is the door beyond (north of) the metal barrier, has a little entrance hall, with a door at the far (west) end and a hatch on your left (south) through into the rear of the other reception area.

On Platforms 13 and 14

There are intercom buttons, above the call buttons outside each lift. There's a customer service office opposite the lift door beside the entrance to platform 13.

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