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This bridge provides stairs and step-free access between the forecourt and platform 1, southbound. There is ramp and stairs access from the forecourt onto the west end of the bridge, then lift and stairs access from the east end of the bridge, onto platform 1.

There is also ramp and stairs access between the forecourt and platform 2, which we'll include in this section.

There's a hand rail to each side of all steps. Note that we include statements like "cross tactile paving" as some sets of steps include multiple flights.

Note that the layout of this bridge is more complex than most of those we've reported to date.


From Platform 1, Southbound

Via the Lift

The lift is on the north side of the recess beyond (north of) the steps. The call button (Up) is to your right (east) of the door, you go in facing north. At bridge level, leave via the other door, going north. The call button (Down) is west of the door and there's tactile paving in front of you. Turn right (east), continue onto the next set of tactile paving then turn left (north) then left again (west) onto the bridge.

Via the Steps

From platform 1, southbound, you cross tactile paving then go up ten then nine steps, going north, then cross tactile paving.

Turn right (east) then left (north), cross tactile paving then go up ten steps, going north then cross tactile paving. Continue north, beyond the recess to the lift on your left, before turning left (west) onto the bridge.

The Bridge

This runs east/west between solid metal walls. There's also a metal wall at each end. The exit towards the lift and steps to platform 1 leads south from the east end, whilst the exit to the car park, forecourt and platform 2 leads south from the west end.

From Platform 2, Northbound

Via the Ramp

The foot of the ramp is just north of the shelter, turn away from the platform (west) then left (south) and continue to the top of the slope. Turn right (west) and continue, up the slope to the forecourt, the station building, including the ticket office is to your right.

Turn right (north) then continue across the front of the building, the steps to the bridge are in front of you, move to your left (west) of these then turn left (west) and go up the slope. Turn right (north) then right again (east) and continue beside the car park. There are disabled persons parking bays to your left.

The path veers right (southeast), up the slope, before you veer left again (east) to the top of this slope. Turn left (north), up the final slope, then right (east) onto the bridge.

Via the Steps

The foot of the steps is just north of the shelter on platform 2. You cross tactile paving, then go up five then four steps, going west before crossing tactile paving. Bear right (northwest), cross tactile paving then go up six steps, going northwest. Bear right (north), go up six steps, going north then cross tactile paving, onto the ramp. Turn right (east) then left (north) at the top, then right again (east) onto the bridge.

Note also that there are four steps down south from the car park onto the forecourt, which are an alternative to the lower slope of the ramp. There's tactile paving at the top and bottom of these steps.

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