Waiting Rooms

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There's a shelter, near the entrances onto each platform and a waiting room off the forecourt, just south of the ticket office.

Off the Forecourt

You go in from the pavement facing east.

North Side


East Side


South Side, Going West

  pay phone

West side

  entrance from forecourt

On Platform 1, Southbound

The shelter is south of the recess to steps from the bridge. As you reach the platform via either the lift or steps, turn right (west) onto the platform then turn left (south) and find the shelter on your left, a few metres beyond the foot of the steps. This shelter has seating along the far (east) side.

On Platform 2, Northbound

The shelter is between the foot of the ramp (north) and the foot of the steps from the ticket office (south). The shelter has two entrance/exits from the platform and seating along the far (west) side.

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