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The station is located on the north side of Melcombe Place (east/west), between Harewood Avenue (north) to the west and Boston Place (north) to the east. An emergency exit from the north end of the platforms leads onto Rossmore Road (east/west) which bridges the tracks. Details of this lie beyond the scope of this survey.

Entrances and Exits

There are three regular entrances/exits to this station, plus the emergency exit onto Rossmore Road:

The Main Entrance

This has level access from the pavement into the southeast corner of the concourse. The gate line is in front of you with the ticket sales windows to your left of that.

The Harewood Avenue Entrance

This has level access via a passage, with retail units to your left, into the southwest corner of the concourse. The ticket sales windows are to your left and the gate line, on your left beyond these.

From the Underground Station

This offers stairs and escalator access to the Bakerloo Line, see our guide to the Underground station for details.

The emergency exit leads from the far (north) end of platforms 3 - 4 onto a road bridge (Rossmore Road). This is not normally available to the public.

Local Road Crossings

We found no formal crossings during the time of our survey, but Melcombe Place, Harewood Avenue and Boston Place seemed to have only light traffic.

Local Buses

On the North Side of Melcombe Place

Bus Stop L, a few metres to your right of the exit, serves 2 and 205, towards Marble Arch or King's Cross. The 205 is a 24 hour service.

On the South Side of Melcombe Place

Bus Stop LA, opposite Stop L, serving 2 and 205 towards Paddington.

Local Taxis

The taxi rank is west of the station entrance, on the north side of Melcombe –place. You queue under the canopy outside the Marylebone Hotel, facing east.

Local Features

From here, you can walk east, along Melcombe Place to Baker Street. Describe Online has published a guide to Baker Street Station.

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