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This is the terminus station for the Chiltern Lines to Aylesbury Vale, Birmingham Snow Hill and beyond.


The station has six platforms, leading north from the concourse. Platform 1 - 2 share an island platform leading from the concourse, whilst platform 3 starts as a separate platform, leading to other (bay) platforms 4 - 6.

Platform 4 shares an island platform with platform 3, whilst platforms 5 - 6 share an island platform to the west of this.

The concourse is a generally rectangular space with the main entrance in the southeast corner, the platforms leading from the northeast, the passage to the side entrance from the southwest and the entrance from the Underground station in the northwest corner.

Note that the space itself is partially obstructed by banks of seats, tables and other obstacles.


There is step-free access throughout this station. We therefore believe the station is accessible to Guide Dog and wheelchair users.

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