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There are six platforms, numbered 1 - 6 from east to west. Platforms 1 - 2 share an island platform leading north from the concourse. Platform 3 starts as a separate platform leading north before sharing an island platform with platform 4. Platforms 5 - 6 share an island platform of the same length as platform 4.

There is tactile paving along the edge of all platforms.

The area inside the gates is bounded to the south by the two gate lines, separated by a building which includes an excess fares window and blank door.

Platforms 1 - 2, Going North from the Concourse

  pillars along middle
seven sets of back-to-back seats in alternate gaps between pillars
canopy stops at same point as platforms 4 - 6 start

Platform 3, Going North from the Concourse

  bike racks on wall
pillars along middle
no seats
wall retreats across ends of tracks 4 - 5
bike racks on south wall
platform 4 starts west of platform 3

Platforms 3 - 4, from the South

  posts along middle
no seats

Platforms 5 - 6, from the South

  2 rows of pillars along platform
back-to-back seats in alternate gaps
emergency exit at end

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