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The station is off the north side of corseford Avenue (east/west), immediately west of Cochranemill Road (north/south) which crosses the tracks.

Entrances and Exits

There are two entrances/exits to this station.

From Corseford Avenue

You can go down six steps, going north, onto platform 2, southbound, there is tactile paving at the top and bottom of these steps. Otherwise you can go down the first slope of the ramp (east), turn left (180 degrees, west) then continue down the second slope to platform level. Turn right (north) and continue onto the platform.

As you move (north) towards the platform, you pass bike racks and a card validator to your right (east) before you reach the platform.

This entrance can be reached via the slope leading west from the road bridge on Cochranemill Road.

From the Road Bridge, Cochranemill Road, onto Platform 1, Eastbound

There is steps and ramp access from the north end of the bridge, onto platform 1.

Via the Ramp

You go down the ramp, west. The ramp veers right then left, right then left again then left then right. At the bottom of this slope, turn left (180 degrees, east) then turn right (south) onto the platform.

Via the Steps

You go down 12 then 12 steps, going west, to platform level. There's tactile paving at the top and bottom of these steps. The path veers left then right again with railings along the left-hand (south) side. Continue down three steps, going west to platform level, there's tactile paving at the top and bottom of these steps. Turn left (south) past a card validator on your left (east) onto the east end of platform 1, eastbound.

Local Road Crossings

We found no pedestrian controlled crossings during our survey. There's a gap in the railings on the bridge, with no other relevant features.

Local Buses

On the South Side of Corseford Avenue

This bus stop, with shelter, serves:

Local Features

We found no features of interest during our survey.

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