The Platforms

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There are two separate platforms leading south from an open area. Platform 1 lies east of platform 2.

The open area is surrounded by fencing with an entrance from the pavement into the east side, just north of the ticket office building. There's a wooden fence across the ends of the tracks.

To Reach

You leave the ticket office, via the north exit, via a short ramp leading north onto platform 1. The ramp from the south exit leads south onto the platform.

For platform 2, continue (north) beyond the end of the tracks, turn left, continue to the fence in front of you then turn left again (south) along the platform.

Platform 1, From the North

covered area with bike racks, lockers and sand bins
help point
gate entrance from pavement
building starts
3 seats
ticket machine , clock above
paper rack
ramp up south to north entrance
rail beside ramp, pillar to right
windows of waiting area
4 seats
rail beside ramp
ramp up north to south entrance
pillar with departure screen on left
paper rack
drinking fountain, working
blank door
kiosk “Counter Culture Coffee”, closed at the time of our survey
pillar on right
gap towards wooden gate to car park, clock on north side
wall resumes with windows
4 x 4 seats
pillar, end of canopy
stone wall on left
post, with phone, not for public use
post, CCTV
planters against wall
end of wall, metal fence continues
row of 5 posts
metal rail part way across platform at effective end

Platform 2, from the North

There's a mesh fence along the west side and a row of posts along the middle of the platform.

post, CCTV
2 planters, in middle
departure screen
post, platform 2, CCTV
4 seats in middle
4 seats in middle
post, CCTV
help point on post, in middle
wooden building with blank door
post, Milngavie
post, platform 2
post with phone to right, not for public use
metal fence with locked gate at end

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