The TICKET Office

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This is the building on platform 1 with an entrance/exit in the north and south sides. Each exit can be reached via a single step going east from the platform, or via a ramp leading up towards the building.

Outside the Building

North Side, Going East

  ramp entrance, push button west of door, single step down west
wall juts to edge of pavement
ramp up south to blank door

East Side, Going South

tactile paving indicates crossing towards bus stop
blank door
station information, taxi rank to left
pavement continues along west side of car park past six disabled persons bays
bike racks under cover on west side of car park

South Side, Going East

  push button for door
south entrance
wall juts out with help point on southwest corner
ticket machine, under canopy

Inside the Building

You go in via a single step going east or ramp leading straight into either the north or south entrance. There's a push button to the west of each entrance, the doors open inwards.

North Side, Going West

rail jutting south
seat, window behind

West Side, Going South

information board

South Side, Going East

  seat, window behind
rail jutting north
south entrance
unisex, accessible toilet and baby change room, ask staff to unlock
gents toilet, ask staff to unlock

East Side, Going North

  ladies toilet, ask staff to unlock
wall juts west

north Side, Going West

  blank door
pay phone

Continuing North

  leaflet rack
button for south entrance
ticket sales window with variable height counter and induction loop, departure screen above
button for north entrance
blank door

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