Platform 1, Southbound

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This is a separate platform along the east side of the station serving southbound trains towards Dundee and beyond. There is tactile paving along the edge of the platform.

To Reach

There is level access between the approach road and the platform to either side of the ticket office building.

From the North

As you move east, you go onto gravel, concrete then more gravel before the fence. Features are in the gravel area beside the platform unless stated otherwise.

  slope off end
lamp post
box, on lamp post
staff only phone
post, in middle
lamp post, VT 4/5 car stop , 5, 6 car stop and CCTV
lamp post, 4 car stop
gravel area widens
lamp post
post with monitor for drivers
gravel beside platform ends
paved area outside north entrance to ticket office, including lamp post, Montrose
canopy starts
step beside ramp to entrance
wall of building with windows
4 seats
4 seats
4 seats
step beside ramp to south entrance
canopy ends
paved area outside south entrance
seats running east/west
departure screen
low rail along east side of platform
rear of bike storage
lamp post, 3 car stop
recess to steps to bridge
rail behind steps
lift building, door in south side
lift, door facing south, call button west of door
gravel area before what appears to have been a disused track bed, there's no tactile paving along this edge
post, CCTV, VT 4/5 car stop, 6 car stop, in middle
platform narrows
lamp post
lamp post
lamp post
lamp post
slope off end

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