The Concourse and BRIDGE

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The concourse is a rectangular space above the island between platforms 2 and 3. You go in from the forecourt facing north. The ticket office is to your right (east) whilst WH Smith is to your left (west).

There is stairs and lift access between the concourse and all platforms. You turn right (east) for platform 1, continue (north) for platforms 2 and 3, or turn left (west) for platform 4. For the sake of the detailed description, we'll consider this space in four sections:


The Concourse

South Side

  automatic doors from forecourt

West Side, Going North

  WH Smith, two entrances
passage to platform 4, through automatic door

North Side, Going East

  rail information
gents toilet
rail information
passage to platforms 2 and 3
rail information (Intercity)
ladies toilet
photo booth

East Side, Going South

  blank door
rail information
services free phone
passage to platform 1, through automatic door
wall juts out
South Side, Going West
  2 pay phones back-to-back
windows to ticket office
Continuing South on East Side
  blank door, staff entrance to ticket office
ticket machine
automatic door into ticket office
paper rack, information leaflets above

The Passage to Platform 1

You leave the concourse, going east through the automatic door, over a slight lip, onto the bridge over tracks 1 and 2.

South Side, Going East

  lift to platforms 2 and 3
blank wall
lift to platform 1

North Side, Going East

  blank wall
steps to platform 1

The Passage to Platforms 2 and 3

See the description of platform 2.

The Passage to Platform 4

See the description of platform 4.

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