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The station lies west of Bellshill road (north/south) beside the double roundabout junction with the A721 leading east and Muir Street (southwest) past the station entrance.

Entrances and Exits

The station has a single entrance/exit leading south, through automatic doors into a forecourt, the north end of which is a taxi rank, whilst Muir Street (southwest/northeast) is at the south end. This forecourt includes a vehicle turning circle.

Local Road Crossings

There's a crossing of Muir Street a few metres northeast of the vehicle entrance to the forecourt, just before the roundabout. There's also a crossing of Bellshill Road, just beyond (north of) the roundabout.

These are single-stage crossings with tactile paving and sounder. There's a post with push button and rotating cone to each side as you cross in either direction.

Local Buses

On the East Side of Bellshill Road

Bus Stop 616069, a few metres north of the crossing, serves:

On the Northwest Side of Muir Street

There are two stops, one either side of the path towards the forecourt

Bus stop 6160642

This stop, a few metres northeast of the path to the forecourt serves:

Bus Stop 6160643

This stop, a few metres southwest of the path to the forecourt serves:

Local Features

The Forecourt

This is an area lying south of the station entrance between the station building and Muir Street (northeast/southwest).

East Side, Going North

  pick-up/drop-off point, map on wall
blank door
train information
motor bike rack
path leading east to Muir Street
blank door

North Side

  automatic doors into concourse

West Side, Going South

path from between bus stops on Muir Street
pavement towards Muir Street

Northwest Side of Muir Street, Going Northeast Past the Station

  bridge over tracks 3 and 4
entrance/exit from staff car park
bus stop 6160643
path leading north towards station forecourt
bus stop 6160642
entrance/exit to station forecourt
bridge over tracks 1 and 2
tactile paving indicates crossing of Muir Street
road veers left (north) into Bellshill Road, at roundabout
tactile paving indicates crossing of Bellshill Road
bridge over road crossing station, apparently not in use
steps up west to bridge over station

East Side of Bellshill Road, Going North from the Crossing

There's a grass verge between the pavement and the road with a gap to bus stop 616069.

The Bridge Over the Station

This bridge runs west from Bellshill Road to a side street off Ladywell Road, which is part of a housing estate along the west side of the tracks.

From the east end, Bellshill Road, you go up 14 steps, going west, onto the bridge. This had a rough, gravel surface at the time of our survey. Continue, west, over the tracks then down seven steps, going west, to street level. Continue west, past a metal fence on the right into Ladywell Road. Ladywell Road actually runs past the little side street which leads east to the bridge.

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