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This is an island platform running north/south with platform 2 southbound, towards Cathcart, Neilston and Newton lying east of platform 1 northbound towards Glasgow Central. There is no tactile paving along the edge of either platform.

The lift is near the north end of the platform, whilst the ticket office is towards the south. There's a stairs exit from each end of the platform.

To Reach

The platform is reached via either of two bridges, which we call the north and south bridge.

From the North Bridge

The north entrance includes the lift and stairs. You go down 12 then 12 steps, going south onto the platform. There's a hand rail to each side and tactile paving at the top and bottom of these steps.

From the South Bridge

You go down 13 then 13 steps, going north onto the platform. there is tactile paving at the bottom, but not at the top of these steps, which are divided by a central rail.

The Island Platform, From the North

  slope off end
platform start about five metres wide then gradually widens
row of 4 pillars
pillar, TV monitor
blank door on rear of lift building
blank wall to each side of lift building
lift door on south side
railings behind steps
steps up north to north bridge
post, signs for Mount Florida, Hamden Park, Langside College and New Victoria Hospital
post, CCTV
billboard, directions to Hamden Park and Victoria Hospital
large billboard
4 seats on each platform
post, CCTV
billboard on each platform
post, CCTV on platform 1
sand bin
toilet, door in south side, get key from staff
3 x 4 seats on each platform
post in middle, CCTV post on platform 1
billboard in middle, ScotRail information
post with departure screens in middle
post, bike rack on platform 1
ticket office building starts

North Side, going West

  help point
ticket machine

East (Platform 2) Side

  push button for door
door to waiting room

South End of Building, Going West

  entrance/exit door
push button for door
help point

West (Platform 1) Side

  metal box
push button for door
door to waiting area
windows of waiting area

Continuing South from the Building

  platform narrows
sign post in middle: Hamden Park, Langside College and Victoria Hospital, billboard on platform 1
post, CCTV
steps up south to south bridge, in middle
pillars for bridge, note you can get underneath these steps
post, three and six car stop, southbound
mirror at effective end
slope off end

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