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The bridge runs south from the concourse (including platform 2) to join the island platforms 3 - 4 and 5 - 8. There is both ramp and stairs access throughout.

To Reach

From the Concourse

As you enter the station via the main entrance, you continue (south) past the information desk then turn right. You're aiming for the area just north of the building beside the walkway to platform 2, which contains the Pasty Shop and Costa Coffee.

Immediately north of this building is a ramp, going up west onto a landing. This landing can also be reached via a flight of eight steps from either the north or west sides.

From Platforms 3 and 4

The bridge crosses this island about in the middle, with the steps (which go up east) lying west of the ramp (which goes up west). Both of these are reached from platform 3, (the north platform of this island).

From Platforms 5 to 8

The bridge reaches this island, about in the middle, that is between platforms 5 and 6. You can either use the steps, going up east near the beginning of platform 6, or the ramp, which leaves south then west near the beginning of platform 5.


From the landing, you continue south up the slope. There are railings on each side of the slope, then glass barriers and central rail occupy the central span. At the time of our survey, it wasn't clear which side is preferred.

Continue over the humped top then down to a landing with a slope down east, to platforms 3 and 4 and steps down west to these platforms.

As you continue south, the covered area starts, you pass a recess to a fire exit on your right (west) and a fire exit, followed by the John Weddle Driver Training School, GNER on your left.

Beyond this, the open area resumes as you continue south, up the slope onto the second span. This span also has a glass barrier to each side and a central rail.

Continue south, over the humped top to a landing with the slope down east onto platforms 5 and steps down (west) onto platform 6. There's a wall, with a rail in front of you.

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