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We noted two FastTicket machines near the foot of the bridge, but these aren't accessible to vision impaired people. We therefore confine these instructions to the Travel Centre, which is on the south side of the concourse, about 11 o'clock from the entrance.

Although there are five doors facing into the concourse, we only found the western two of these in use at the time of our survey. We understand that the preferred exit is from the left-hand (east) side of the building, beside platform 2.

To Reach the Travel Centre

From the entrance, continue north, past the information desk, then veer left (11 o'clock), you're aiming for the large building on the south side of the concourse to your left of the walkway through onto platform 2. Having found this building, enter via the first door, i.e. that nearest the west end.

Within the Travel Centre

You enter facing south

For Same Day Bookings

Move forward to the barrier in front of you, turn left and turn right into the gap in the barrier, then follow the queue to your left. Windows 1 to 6 (west to east) are replaced by self service ticket machines.

For Advance Bookings or Information

Turn left from the entrance and continue, beyond the gap mentioned above, to the end of the barrier on your right. You're now opposite the information only window.

Turn right (south), beyond the information window. The next free window is clearly announced.

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