The Concourse

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The Entrance

You enter the station, going south into a rectangular area off the concourse, with:

East Side

  blank door
window for Burger King
notice boards
pillar juts out

South Side

  row of pillars separating this area from the main concourse

This area is divided into 3 lanes by rows of pillars running north/south.

West Side

  billboards and post box, out of use

The Concourse, Going Clockwise from the Entrance

North Side

  wooden planters beside entrance pillars
Burger King, two entrances plus seating area
blank glass door
blank door
plant pot
map machine in planter
first Metro entrance
paper rack
second Metro entrance
third Metro entrance

The concourse narrows, seating and wall jutting south.

Continuing North Side, Beyond the Metro Entrances

  Centurion bar and seating
cafe and brasserie, with seating
gap beyond seating area go north to wall then turn left for cafe then bar

Wall Juts Out

East Side
  entrance to Cafe Deli and take away
blank door

Continuing North Side, Outside the Deli

wall retreats north
West Side
disabled persons access to Cafe Deli take away

Continuing North Side, Beyond the Deli

  Station Management Centre
blank archway
floor texture changes
opening to left, no exit
two car park pay points
goods lift
rear entrance to Royal Station Hotel Leisure Club

East Side

  car park continues east

South Side

Planters and chain fence separate this part of the concourse from the car park. The car park, with two disabled persons bays (one reserved for the Royal Station Hotel), finishes outside the Cafe Deli. There is some seating beside the fence at this point.

A low wall with seating leads south, across the end of track 1.

Continuing South Side, Beyond the End of Track 1

  gap to platforms 1 and 2
circular seating area
Travel Centre

The Outside of the Travel Centre

East Side, Going North
blank doors, exit from Travel Centre
sign board
North Side, Going West
change of texture and slight slope up to rails in front of windows
blocked entrance, opposite the entrance to the Metro
blocked entrance, may sometimes be in use
rail and planters
entrance to travel centre, automatic sliding doors, opposite Burger King
rail and planters
entrance to travel centre
planters and rail curving left, becoming west side
West Side, Going South
  confectionary kiosk
two Nat West cash points
Abbey Link cash point
Link cash point
corner left with rail onto platform 2

Continuing South Side of Concourse, Beyond the Travel Centre

  way to platform 2, with trolley point in middle

Beyond the walkway is a variety of buildings and features, as follows:

East Side, Beside the Walkway, Going North
  Pasty Shop, seating outside counter facing east
Costa Coffee facing east
two ticket machines
slope, up west, to bridge
pillar with box
free phone to various services, west of this pillar
plant pots and paper rack

Continuing South Side of Concourse, Beyond the Way to Platform 2

  Millie's Cookies, counter faces north
steps up south to bridge, two sets divided by central rail
concourse extends south
East Side
  steps up east to bridge, two sets divided by central rail
space under steps, not for public access
photo booth facing north
card printing machine facing west
photo booth facing south
card printing machine facing east, behind the other one
platform 2

West Side, Going North from Platform 2

  platform 9, sharing island with platform 2
tracks 9 and 10, low wall and departure screens
island platform 10 and 11
tracks 11 and 12, low wall and departure screens
platform 12, running along the north side of the station

North Side, Going East from the Beginning of Platform 12

  tiled floor starts
first door to Tourist Information Office, press to open on right, not used at time of survey
second door to Tourist Information Office
blank double door
windows to Newcastle Hero pub, slightly curving left
entrance to pub
door to WH Smith, not in use
WH Smith
planter, with paper rack
door to WH Smith, not in use
town map machine
station entrance

In the Middle of the Concourse, from the East

  multi-sided seating area, between the brasserie and the Travel Centre
pillar with four phones in middle just west of Metro entrance
cross-shaped information board
pillar with 3 phones in middle between west end of Travel Centre and Burger King
information desk, between the station entrance and the way to platform 2, assistance window on south side
running north/south: planter, Virgin customer information sign, planter
pillar with three phones
Upper Crust, in middle of concourse; seating opposite foot of steps counter facing southeast to foot of steps up south to bridge
two circular seating areas (east and west), opposite east ends of platforms 10 and 11

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