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The station is located to the south of a service road from Neville Street, which runs east/west past the station. A long, paved island separates the service road from Neville Street which also runs east/west, between Orchard Street (running north/south to the east) and Central Parkway (running north/south to the west). Westmoreland Road continues west from the Junction with Central Parkway, whilst Westgate Road continues east from the junction with Orchard Street.

Entrances and Exits

The station has a single entrance, through three sets of double doors, onto the service road to the south of Neville Street. This service road, gives access to taxis and the short stay and staff car parks.

Local Road Crossings

Outside the Station Entrance

There's a zebra crossing across the service road just outside the middle set of exit doors onto the paved island.

As you continue (north) across the island, you find the crossing of Neville Street which is a two-stage crossing via a central island, though as both sets of traffic are stopped simultaneously, it can be treated as a single crossing. There's tactile paving at each side of the crossing. As you face across Neville Street, the post with push button, rotating cone and sounder is to your right, in each direction. There's another post, on the central island, to your right as you cross away from the station. The north end of this crossing is a short distance east of Bewick Street which leads north from Neville Street.

At the West End of Neville Street, Near the Junction with Central Parkway

As you face across Neville Street, there's a rough post with the button and rotating cone to your right. You cross onto a triangular island, bear right to cross the east side of Clayton Street West. There is no crossing to your left from this island.

Westmoreland Road

Beyond (west of) Bus Stop 109, the crossing of Westmorland Road has a post with push button and rotating cone to each side.

Crossing of Neville Street, East of the Metro Entrance

The crossing has tactile paving at each end with the posts with push button and rotating cones to the east of the crossing; that is, to your right as you cross (north) away from the station.

Local Buses

On the North Side of Neville Street and East Side of Bewick Street

If you turn left after crossing Neville Street, opposite the station entrance, you will find bus stop 87, bearing right round the corner into Bewick Street, you pass stops 86, 85 and 84 which are served by local Newcastle services.

On the Island between Neville Street and the Service Road

As you move west, on the island, from the crossing of Neville Street opposite the station exit, you pass four bus stops:

Except for the Q1, these mainly serve destinations south of the River Tyne or along its north bank.

As you move east, on the island, from the crossing of Neville Street opposite the station exit, you pass (on the right) the queuing area for taxis and to your left three bus stops:

You then pass the second crossing of Neville Street mentioned above and come to: Stop 124, serving City Sightseeing open top tour buses, AD122 Hadrian's Wall bus and summer only services 508 and 714.

As you move further east you will have to cross the entrance to the Station service road which is beside the main entrance to the Station Hotel.

On the pavement of Neville Street, west of the island

Stop 111 Central Station Neville Street, beyond the fire assembly point, serving bus services to North Sea Ferry Terminal.

On Westmoreland Road

Stop 109, on Westmoreland Road adjacent to the Centre for Life, serving 8, 10, 11, 22, 31, 32, 41, 42, 47, 47A, 98, 527, 602, 604, 673 and X98.

Local Features

Going East from The Centre for Life, on the South Side of Neville Street

All features are to your right (south) unless stated otherwise.

  Ferry terminal bus stop, on left
Railings, on left
Buffer Nursery
bollards on left between here and ferry bus lane which has just started
dip in pavement, exit/entrance from staff car park
building site, Railway Heritage Trust
exit from taxi rank, leaving left into Neville Street, to left
pavement widens to right
blank door
short stay car park on left
blank door
short stay car park to left
blank door, fire exit
Central Station Offices
canopy in front of station entrance starts, pair of pillars one each side of pavement
taxi office on left, enquiry window on east side
car, taxi and private hire set down area
door to Newcastle Hero Pub
blank door
WH Smith
3 double doors into Station, separated by stone pillars
zebra crossing opposite middle set of doors, on left
taxi pick up, on left, queue on island
canopy in front of station entrance finishes, pair of pillars one each side of pavement
disabled persons parking on near side, left, taxis pass on far side
windows to Centurion Bar
entrance to bar
low wall to left beside entrance to Metro

The Neville Street entrance to the Metro is at the east side of this stairwell there are two sets of steps, going down west, divided by a central rail.

Continuing East, Beyond the Metro Entrance

  four phone boxes east of the top of the steps to the Metro, narrow path between these and wall
station car park entrance, level footpath across
post box
steps up (south) to North Bar
slope down
steps up (south) to blank door
entrance to Royal Station Hotel, Leisure Club
railings, plant pots below
pavement widens
crossing of Neville Street to left, just beyond the car and taxi entrance
junction with Orchard Street

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