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You enter the station, via one of three doors, facing south, continue, beyond the pillars into the concourse.

You can turn right here for platforms 10 to 12, or continue (south). You pass the information desk then the Travel Centre to your left. To your right, opposite the beginning of the wall of the Travel Centre, is the start of the ramp to the bridge. If you continue forward, you reach platform 2. You can turn left here and go beyond the Travel Centre, onto platform 1 which occupies the left-hand half of the island platform, or turn right and go under the bridge to platform 9, which occupies the right-hand half of this section of the island.

For platforms 3 to 8, turn right (west), opposite the Travel Centre, go up the slope to the landing then turn left. Note, you can reach this landing via steps from either the north or west.

As you continue (south) over the bridge, you go up and over the first span onto a landing from which you can go down steps to your right, or the ramp to your left, onto platform 3. To reach platform 4, it is easier to go down the ramp and take the turning right, through the building onto platform 4.

Continuing further (south), you go over the second humped span of the bridge to the end. You can turn right here, down steps onto platform 6, or left down the ramp onto platform 5.

To reach platform 8, continue from the foot of the steps and take the turning left, whilst to reach platform 7, follow the ramp, which reaches a landing from which you turn left and descend to platform 5. Turn right and then take the turning right onto platform 7.

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