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As we had no permission to survey the Metro station, we were unable to go beyond the ticket gates. These directions are therefore limited to the route from beyond the gates into the mainline station concourse.

You could go through exit gates facing either east or south. If you find a wall in front of you after about three or four metres, you've emerged facing east, turn right.

Continue (south) to the end of the intermediate level. You're heading for the right-hand side of this space from which the upward escalator leaves, to the left of the steps (both going up south). Continue, from the top, through the doors in front of you, into the mainline concourse. You're a few metres east (other side of Burger King) from the main entrance to the station.

If you need the lift, go beyond the steps at the intermediate level, following the short corridor round to your right. The lift door is then in front of you with the call button to your right of the door. As you come out at the top, turn right and go through the doors in front of you into the mainline concourse, you're a few metres east (other side of Burger King) from the entrance to the station.

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NEWCASTLE Central Station

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