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This is a through station on the Great Northeastern Line between London King's Cross and Edinburgh. The station also serves routes between Middlesbrough and Carlisle, together with various local services which start and terminate here.


The main entrance is in the north side of an irregular-shaped concourse which is surrounded by refreshments vendors and other facilities, to the north; the car park to the east; the Travel Centre and other vendors to the south and the terminus platforms 9 to 12 to the west.

Platform 2 runs east/west along the south edge of the concourse, with the terminus platform 1 sharing the eastern section, as an island platform, and another terminus, platform 9 to the west.

The bridge, joins the concourse near the south side (about 1 o'clock from the entrance) to the middle of the island platforms 3 and 4, then the island platform 5 to 8.

Platforms 3 and 4 share an island platform with platform 3 lying north of platform 4. Platforms 5 to 8 share an island platform such that: