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This description covers the route from the concourse to the Metro booking hall, via lift, escalator or stairs. We had no permission to pass through the ticket gates at this station. The survey of the remainder of this facility is deferred to another project.

To Reach

From the station entrance, turn left (east) and continue beyond Burger King to your left then go through one of three doors going north.


The Concourse Level, Going Clockwise from the Entrance Doors

West Side

  departure screen, in southwest corner
blank door
lift with down button to right of door
blank door

North Side


East Side

  wall to top of stairs and escalator, going down north

South Side

  doors to concourse, with billboards between

To Reach the Intermediate Level

Go down 3 X 12 steps going north, to the left of the up escalator.

The Intermediate Level, Going Clockwise from the Foot of the Steps

West Side

  lift, corridor south then west to lift enter facing west
fire point on west at north end of corridor, behind door
photo booth
pay phone
leaflet rack
vending machine
help point, emergency jutting out on right; smaller information button on left
3 ticket machines numbered 34, 35 and 36
barrier beside gates

North Side

gap, luggage point
two entrance gates
three exit gates
barrier with paper racks
gate line turns left (north)
4 exits
luggage point
barrier retreats west
newspaper rack at west
Continuing North Side, Beyond the Gate Line
  fire point
exit to Granger Street

The exit to Granger Street is via a corridor, generally going north up 10 steps, long landing, 12 then 12 steps, going north to street level. You arive on the east Side of Granger Street, which leads north from Neville Street.

East Side

  two blank doors
blank door
Metro Travel Shop and lost property
map machine
exit to Neville Street

The exit to Neville Street is up 10, 11 then 11 steps, going east to street level. You're on the north side of Neville Street. See the Environs Page for more details.

South Side

two ticket machines
help point, as per west side
map of station
cash machine
change machine
two ticket machines
metro departures information
up escalator

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