Platforms 10 and 11

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These are terminus platforms which share an island leading west from the concourse. There is no tactile paving near either edge.

To Reach

From the entrance, turn right and continue, following the north side of the concourse until the floor texture changes . Go back a few metres, turn right (south) and, after a few metres, turn right again. There's a low wall across the ends of tracks 9 - 10 and 11 - 12. If you find tactile paving, you've overshot onto platform 2.

Platforms 10 and 11, from the West

  slope off end
lamp post with name sign
double row of pillars ends, single row starts
row of pillars, some with seats between along centre of island
low rails at corners of the walls across the tracks
departures screens beyond wall
concourse starts

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NEWCASTLE Central Station

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