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Whilst we found entrances to the Metro station from the south side of Neville Street (beside the station building) and Grange Street (north of Neville Street), we had no permission to survey the Metro station, hence these instructions are confined to locating the entrance within the mainline station. As we had no permission to go beyond the ticket gates, these instructions merely tell you how to reach the intermediate level.

The entrance to the Metro station is in the north side of the concourse, just east of Burger King which itself is adjacent to the station entrance. You go through one of three sets of doors into the concourse level. The lift, with call button to your right (north) of the door, is to your left with the steps descending north from the right-hand (east) side of this space. The steps are to your left (west) of the upward escalator.

The lift brings you into a short corridor (leading east then north) into the intermediate level, beside the steps. As you stand at the foot of the steps, the entrance gates are in front of you, there are two ticket machines on the left-hand wall and more on the near right-hand (south) wall. The Metro Travel Shop, where we presume you could get assistance, is on the right-hand (east) wall, after a few metres.

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