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The Travel Centre is on the south side of the concourse, about 11 o'clock from the station entrance.

Although there are five doors facing north into the concourse, we only found the western two of these in use at the time of our survey. We understand that the preferred exit is from the left-hand (east) side of the building, beside platform 2.

Within the Travel Centre, Going Clockwise from the Entrance in the Northwest Corner

You enter facing south

North Side

customer information
door, not in use
customer information
door, not in use
customer information
two seats
tele-sales, tickets via phone on west side of unit
door with displays either side
advanced ticket tele sales with phone on west side
display jutting out
door with seats across
display jutting out
wall curves right to become east side with plant pots

South Side

  carpeted area

West Side, going South

  blank doors
advanced ticket sales, windows 9 to 14, going south

East Side, Going South

  timetables etc
exit, near south end

Continuing South Side, Beyond the Carpeted Area

  Tensa barriers steering queue. in front of windows
windows 8 to 4, advanced bookings
windows 3 to 1, same day bookings
gap in barrier towards west end of windows, turn left for same day bookings, metal barrier continues west
seven self service ticket machines

From the West entrance, for same day tickets, locate the barrier, move left to the end, turn right and follow the queue to your left.

For advance bookings go to the east end of the Travel Centre and follow instructions. The next available window is announced.

West End

  three FastTicket machines

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