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This station has a single bi-directional platform with tactile paving along the edge. As you face the front of the train, the doors will open on your left if you're travelling southbound towards Tweedbank, on your right if you're travelling northbound towards Edinburgh.

The station exit is near the north end of the platform. We believe that is behind the rear of the southbound, or beyond the front of northbound trains. There is tactile paving across the gap to this exit.

Leaving the Platform

From the front of southbound trains, you pass the shelter then a bench before you reach the gap to the exit from the platform.

From the front of northbound trains, you may already be beside the exit, but if you move forward and find railings in front of you, turn back and find the gap on your left.

To Which Exit?

  To the Car Park
Via the Ramp
Via the Steps

To the Car Park

Leave the platform, turn right and move into the car park. The accessible parking bays are to your left.


Via the Ramp

Leave the platform and continue forward, the ramp starts from the far side of the space in front of you. Bear right and follow the ramp up to Maurderdeen Road. See the Environs page for details.

Via the Steps

Leave the platform and turn left. You pass a ticket validator and two bike shelters on your left before you reach the foot of the steps. Go up two flights of steps onto Maurderdeen Road. Note that, at the time of our survey, there was no tactile paving at the top or bottom of these steps.

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