The Platform

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This station has a single bi-directional platform lying east of the tracks. An open area, beside the platform near the north end, provides the single entrance. There is tactile paving along the edge of the platform. Note that there's also tactile paving across the gap from the entrance to the platform, so due care needs to be taken not to confuse these.

To Reach

Access to the platform is from an open area, to the east of the platform near the north end. See the Environs page for details of access to this area from the car park and Maurderdeen Road.

The Open Area

West Side, Going North

  access to platform, tactile paving across
ticket validator
bike shelters

North Side

  stepped entrance

East Side

  ramp leading southeast

South Side

  access from car park

From the North

  railings across end
4 seats
lamp post
lamp post
departure screen
shelter with seating, ticket machine at south side, path behind
help point
7 lamp posts, against fence
railings across end

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