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The station lies northwest of Station Road, which leads northeast from Argyle Square, to become George Street, beyond the entrance to the taxi rank and car park. This entrance road leads northwest, past the street entrance to the ticket office. There's a turning circle for taxis just beyond (northeast of) the ticket office building. A slip road to the car park leads southwest from the turning circle.

The pay and display car park lies northwest of the station, between the entrance from Station Road and Shore Street, which runs northwest from Argyle Square, towards Alma Crescent and the ferry terminal. There's a wire mesh fence between the car park and the station.

Entrances and Exits

There are two level entrances to this station, which we'll call the street and platform entrances.

The street entrance leads southwest from the pavement beside the turning circle, into the ticket office.

The platform entrance is southwest of the ticket office building, you can turn left (northeast) into the ticket office, or continue (southeast) through the gate onto the platform.

Local Road Crossings

We found no pedestrian controlled road crossings within the scope of this survey. During our survey, we noted that Argyle Square and Shore Street were very busy, whilst Station Road carried only moderate traffic.

Local Buses

On the Southwest Side of Station Road

There are four bus stops in a lay-by off the northwest side of Station Road, from the southwest, these serve buses to:

  1. Dalavich
  2. Fort William, Barcaldine, Benderloch, North Connel, Bonawe and Achnaba
  3. Glasgow, Dalmally, Taynuilt, Connel and Dunbeg
  4. Kerrera Terrace, Longsdale and Ganavan

On the Southeast Side of Station Road

The only bus stop within the scope of this survey is outside the HBOS building, called Oban Station, serving buses to Soroba, Nant Drive, Mossfield, Easedale/Cuan and Degnish.

Local Features

There's a promenade along the water front, which curves gradually to your right as you move (southwest) towards the ferry terminal building. There's a low wall between the promenade and the water.

There are four blocks of shops between the car park and the water front, separated by three walkways. The left-hand (southwest) of these leads from the car park and isn't very useful to us. The middle one leaves northwest opposite the platform exit from the station, whilst the right-hand (northwest) walkway leads northwest opposite the street entrance to the ticket office.

There's a row of bollards on the kerb of the pavement along the northwest side of the ticket office building.

Northeast of the ticket office building is an open forecourt which includes a turning circle for vehicles. The taxi pick-up and drop-off point is outside the building, the entrance to the turning circle leads northwest from the point where Station Road becomes George Street. The car park entrance/exit leads southwest from this turning circle, beside the building.

The forecourt extends southeast across the front of shops to leave an open area with trees between the shops and the entrance to the turning circle.

Going northeast from Argyle Square on Station Road, you pass a left turn which cuts through onto Shore Street. Continue past shops then take the next turn left for the station. You pass billboards and a map of the area on your left, then windows, before you reach the street entrance to the ticket office.

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