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This is the northern terminus of the West Highland Line from Glasgow Queen Street.


The station has one platform, along the southeast side, which for historic reasons, is called platform 3. Platform 4, along the northwest side is not used by the public and is reserved as a parking bay for trains.

Beyond the northeast end of the platform is a staff office, you go up a slope to go into this. The only feature of interest is a help point on the right-hand (southeast) wall. This is a flat plate with two buttons. The top one is for assistance/information, whilst the bottom button is for emergency. We understand an induction loop facility is provided with this help point.

As you continue, northeast, beyond the front of the arriving train, you pass a rail before you reach the entrance/exit gate from the platform. the rail continues (northeast) to the wall of the staff office. You leave heading northwest, with the railings across the end of the tracks and the disused platform 4 to your left and the ticket office on your right (northeast).

You can continue (northwest) across the car park, towards the water front, or turn right (northeast) into what we'll call the platform entrance to the ticket office.

The other entrance, which we'll call the street entrance, to the ticket office is in the far (northeast) side of the building.


There is level access through this station, we therefore believe the station is accessible to Guide Dog and wheelchair users.

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