The Platforms

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There's one platform, along the southeast side of the station, which for historic reasons is numbered platform 3. Platform 4, along the northwest side, is not used by the public, being reserved for parking trains.

There is no tactile paving along the edge of the platforms.

To Reach

There's a rectangular, open space outside the southwest exit from the ticket office.

As you leave the building, the wall continues on your left, with:

help point
wall retreats southeast

Northeast Side


Southeast Side

  fence with gate onto platform

Southwest Side, going Northwest

  seats in front of rails across end of tracks
closed gate to platform 4

Platform 3, From the Northeast

  staff office off northeast end
wooden fence along platform
sand bin
departure screen
covered waiting area with seats on the southeast side
fence continues
CCTV post in middle
gravel area appears on left, narrower platform continues
posts in gravel area
CCTV post, on platform
post, Oban sign
step off onto gravel at end.

Platform 4

This platform, along the northwest side of the station, isn't used by the public, there are ten posts along the platform which narrows significantly towards the southwest end.

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