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You walk along the water front then take the second or third turning right towards the station.

The Route

As you leave the terminal building, the water front is to your left and the wall of the building continues on your right for a few metres. There's a vehicle loading area beyond the end of the wall, between the terminal building and the first block of shops.

Continue, keeping the shops on your right, you pass the first gap, which leads into the station car park. The second gap leads you towards the platform entrance, whilst the third leads you towards the street entrance to the station.

If you take the second turning, continue, between the blocks of shops, across the car park to the pavement in front of you. The ticket office is to your left, and the entrance to the platform is via a gate in the railings in front of you.

If you take the third turning, continue between the blocks of shops then cross the entrance to the car park, onto the pavement. The entrance to the ticket office is on your right.

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