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The bridge, about six carriage lengths from the concourse, joins all platforms, 1 - 16. The bridge is divided into two sections. I'll call these "the main bridge" (platforms 1 - 9) and "the small bridge" (platforms 10 - 16). These sections, which run northeast/southwest don't follow the same line. They're joined by a short section running north/south, which I'll call "the link way".

Note that a new gate line has been established across the link way and that the former gate line, between the steps to platforms 10-11 and 13-14 is redundant and will be removed.

We also understand that the small bridge has been extended to the northeast to give access to the new taxi rank.

The bridge has walls of which the lower part is metal and the upper is glass. There are hand rails round most walls.

The Small Bridge

Northeast End

  Route to new taxi rank

Southeast Side

  metal gate which can close platform 15 and 16
Recess with tactile flooring

The Recess

Northeast End


Southeast Side

  door marked "First Aid"
information window not in use
manual gate, onto rest of bridge, not in use
blank door

Southwest End


Northwest Side

  rail across front of recess

Continuing Southwest along the Small Bridge

  4 automatic gates, not in use, across the bridge

Continuing Southeast Side, Beyond the Unused Gate Line

  recess (behind barrier) to blank door

As you continue southwest, the floor slopes up towards the link way.

Northwest Side, Going Northeast

  steps down, northwest to platforms 10 and 11, down 15 then 13, tactile matting at foot
ticket machine
unused gate line
steps down to platforms 13 and 14, down 14 then 14 steps
gate which can close off platforms 15 and 16
steps down to platforms 15 and 16, down 14 then 14 steps

The Main Bridge

Southwest End

  blank wall

The lift shaft is about 1 metre northeast of this, the door to the lift is on the Northeast side. The call button is on a bollard (brailled) to the right of the door "down". Inside the lift, the buttons are on the left-hand side, all brailled.

Northwest Side, Going Northeast

  stairs up to blank door
timetables and billboards

Northeast End

  the link way, veering left (north)

Southeast Side, from the Southwest

  steps to platform 1, tactile matting, metal strip then down 12 and 14 steps
hand rail
steps to platforms 2 and 3, tactile matting, then down 13 and 12 steps
no rail beyond
steps to platforms 4 and 5, tactile matting, then down 13 then 12 steps
steps to platforms 6 and 7, down 13 then 13 steps
steps to platforms 8 and 9, down 13 then 14 steps, onto platform 8
gap to ramp to platforms 8 and 9 plus station exit

Through the gap, go down two steps, going southeast. Turn right here, for the ramp to platforms 8 and 9, down three steps going southwest, , turn left (southeast) then continue, down the ramp. If you turn left at the bottom of the two steps and continue northeast, you follow a metalled path which is the northeast exit to the station.

The Link Way

There's a hand rail on each side, digital clock overhead.

West Side, Going North

  FGW ticket machine
2 ticket machines

North End, Going East

  manual gate
two automatic exits
3 automatic entrances

East Side


Beyond the gates

There's a pillar with four phones in the middle of this area and an Expresso bar in front of you as you enter through the gates.

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