Platform 1

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A row of pillars runs along the platform; there's tactile paving near the edge. If you follow the tactile paving near the edge of the platform, you'd avoid all the obstacles.

Going Northwest from the Concourse

  2 blank doors
door to baby care, first aid, disabled persons toilet and Station Reception

Go through the door and continue to the reception desk, in front of you.

Continuing Northwest, Beyond Station Reception

  steps, (steep!) down to gents toilet
kiosk selling papers
British Transport Police
direction board, in middle with 2 departure screens
Main Entrance

The Main Entrance

This is effectively a wide passage between platform 1 and the taxi way, with a row of four large pillars, across each end.

This is a significant area divided into three sections. The middle section is the clock arch.

Northwest Side, Going away (Southwest) from the Platform

step down, northwest to 2 blank doors
wall juts out with assistance phone
wall retreats to 2 blank doors

Southwest Side

  exit onto pavement, taxi rank, both drop-off and pick-up

The Clock Arch

Northwest Side, Towards the Middle

  ticket machine, serving Mainline and Underground

Southeast Side, Going Southwest

  statue of Brunel
2 Heathrow Express ticket machines, towards the middle

Southeast Side of Exit, Going Northeast, towards the Station

  blank door
free phone

The Free Pphone

First Row
  Edward Hotel
Igar Hotel
Kensington Court Hotel
Imperial London Hotels Ltd.
Middle Row
  Princes Square Hotel
Avalon Private Hotel
First Great Western Information
The de Vere Cavendish Hotel
Bottom Row
  Elysee Hotel
City Vacations Travel Agency
Holiday Inn
Fitzroy Hotel

Continuing Northeast, Beyond the Free Phone

  timetable boards, departure and arrivals screens above
blank door
information services and facilities, illustrated board as on platform 12

Above the two middle pillars is a three-faced clock.

Continuing Northwest, Beyond the Main Entrance

  rail round stair well, not for public use
door to Macmillan House, through door to reception
pillar, set out from the wall, with a phone on the northwest and southeast sides
bin area
trolley point
first class lounge
wall juts out round monument
2 blank doors
direction board with 2 departure screens, in the middle of the platform
trolley point
2 blank doors
irregular wall with doors, windows, etc.
Steps up to bridge, up 14 then 12 steps, there's a metal strip then tactile matting at the top
bin area, under steps
Lift with bollard housing the call button which is brailled "up"

The buttons within the lift are on the left (southeast) side, all brailled.

Note it is possible to walk under these steps from the northwest into an area of diminishing headroom and bang your head. On leaving the lift, move forward a couple of metres before turning right.

The area to the left (southwest) from the bridge to the end of the covered area is filled with staff-related items, unguarded steps and other obstacles. Keep to the middle of the platform, or follow the tactile paving nearer the edge - if you must come so far along the platform!

There's a trolley point and direction board within this area.

Continuing Northwest, Beyond the Staff-Only Area

  five steps going down southeast adjacent to the wall
end of covered area
brick wall with various blank doors, windows, etc.
narrow platform
building works, at the time of our survey
walkway to car park
slope off end

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