Platform 12

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Note that platforms 11 and 12 extend southeast into the concourse, beyond the line established by the southeast ends of platforms 1 - 9.

Note also that this platform is now included in the gated section of the station.

Going Northwest from the Concourse

left luggage and lost property office, entrance opposite buffers at the southeast end of platform 12
vertical columns at intervals
wall of glass bricks, with foot rail
wall retreats, series of i-girders along platform
recess with barrier across, doorway in northwest side
illustrated map of station and its facilities
wall retreats then juts out less
blank door
wall retreats
irregular wall, masking i-girders
entrance from platforms 13 and 14
large girder in middle
wall ends, shouldn't go northwest of here

To Reach Platform 12 from Platforms 13 and 14

platforms 13 and 14 narrow towards the southeast end into a path with railings on each side, the path goes essentially southeast, with a slight deviation northeast, follow the railings. note there's a knee-high rail inside the railings on both sides. The path veers right through a gap in a wall which runs southeast-northwest onto platform 12.

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