Platforms 10 and 11

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Note that platforms 11 and 12 extend southeast into the concourse, beyond the line established by the ends of platforms 1 - 9.

Note also that these platforms are now included in the gated area of this station.

There's tactile paving near the edge of each platform.

Going Northwest from the Concourse

This is a wide island platform with a bicycle park in the middle, extending to an arch, beyond which is a staff-only area with Portakabins.

These are narrow platforms, either side of the bicycle park

  trolley point
ramp goes up northwest from the middle of the island, not for public access
temporary structures and i-girders along each platform
ladder and post in middle
2 pillars on platform 10
metal structure
two pairs of i-girders under the bridge
i-girders under steps
i-girder at each side of the foot of the steps
steps to bridge

Note, you can walk under the steps from the southeast, into an area of diminishing headroom and bang your head.

To Reach the Bridge

There's tactile matting at the foot of the steps. Go up 13 then 15 steps, going southeast onto the small bridge.

Continuing Northwest, Beyond the Steps

  3 i-girders in the middle of the platform

There was work in progress at the time of our survey. A temporary notice stopped us going to the end of the platform. We found no name signs, no notices.

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