Platforms 13 and 14

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To Reach the Platforms from the Bridge

From the small bridge, go down 14 then 14 steps, going northwest onto the island platform. Platform 14 is to your right.

To Reach the Platforms from the Concourse

Go northwest along platform 12 and take the turning right, through the wall, before the bridge. Follow the path, which turns left, onto the southeast end of platform 13.

General Information

Platforms 13 and 14 extend beyond platforms 15 and 16. There's a post in the middle near the northwest end saying that you shouldn't go beyond here. There's a slope off the end of the platform.

Platforms 13 and 14 from The Northwest End

  grid along middle of platform, starts at end, ends at i-girder
2 i-girders
name board
3 i-girders
wooden screen across platform before building
blank door in northwest end of building, can't go through between platforms
i-girder at southeast end of building
gap through to platform 14, doors on both sides
brick building, with 2 i-girders
gap with box marked fire point
wooden building with blank door
i-girder at foot of emergency exit stairs going up northwest, no admittance
back-to-back seats
back-to-back seats
blank wooden wall
entrance to seating area, near southeast end (northwest end on platform 14)
i-girder with digital clocks on each platform
wide pillar, benches on each platform
pillar with back-to-back card and coin phones
display boards, movable across foot of steps to bridge, at time of survey
steps with tactile mat at foot, i-girder to each side
wooden building under steps
gap through, box on northwest wall with defibrillator
brick building, door in southeast end, train crew only
i-girder on each platform
metal structure with i-girders each corner of southeast end
trolley point
bin area
i-girder in middle
large pillar under bridge
effective end of platform

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