Platforms 2 and 3

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There's a row of pillars along platform 3 and tactile paving near the edge of each platform.

Going Northwest from the Concourse

  direction board with two departure screens
trolley point
direction board with two departure screens
bin area
trolley point
foot of steps to bridge
assistance phone at the foot of the steps, on platform 3

To Reach the Bridge

Go up 12 then 13 steps, going northwest, there's tactile matting at the top of these steps.

Continuing Northwest, Beyond the Steps

  wooden building with blank door and defibrillator at northwest end
two i-girders in line with the row of pillars
two metal boxes in middle of island
structure with grill round
bin area
two i-girders
trolley point
low box
direction board
5 i-girdaers to end of covered area
name board with two posts
lamp post
staff phone on each platform
barrier at end

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