Platforms 4 and 5

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There's tactile paving near the edge of each platform.

Going Northwest from the Concourse

  Open platform
metal grid across
direction board with two departure screens
trolley point
bin area
direction board with two departure screens
trolley point
foot of steps to bridge

To Reach the Bridge

Go up 12 then 13 steps, going northwest, there's tactile matting at the top.

Continuing Northwest, Beyond the Steps

  pillar on platform 5, which should house assistance phone, missing at time of survey
low gap through, under steps
building, under steps, with blank door and defibrillator on northwest end
large low box
2 boxes
box with grid round
bin area
3 i-girders
trolley point
direction board
5 i-girders
i-girder, just before end of covered area
name board with two posts

A row of structures runs along the middle of the island. The island narrows gradually, tactile paving near both edges.

There's a temporary barrier across the northwest end, slope off end.

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