Platforms 6 and 7

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These platforms appear to be used solely for the Heathrow Express service.

Platforms 6 and 7 share an island with a row of pillars offset onto platform 7. There's tactile paving near the edge of both platforms. A series of temporary boards starts at the southeast end, near the concourse.

Going Northwest from the Concourse

  ticket machine for Heathrow Express only
ticket machine

A slight seam runs along the middle of the floor, beyond this machine.
All machines are touch screen.

Continuing Northwest, Beyond the Second Ticket Machine

  display board with departure screens
ticket machine
trolley point
display board with departure screens
bin area
trolley point
ticket machine, facing the steps from the bridge
steps to bridge

To Reach the Bridge

Go up 13 then 13 steps, going northwest

Continuing Northwest, Beyond the Steps

  pillar to the northeast of the foot of the steps, with assistance phone, pick up handset and wait for answer.
wooden structure round steps two metal boxes on northwest wall
two blank doors on platform 6 side of this structure
trolley point
pillars on each platform, one pair
glass structure with two wings projecting southeast from each side
northwest side has barriers from each side along the platform restricting access to the outer sides of the platforms
barriers across platforms denote effective end

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