Platforms 8 and 9

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Platforms 8 and 9 share a wide island with the central area occupied by two rows of box structures whose purpose is unknown to us.

Platform 9, Going Northwest from the Concourse

This is a narrow platform with box structures along the southwest side and tactile paving near the edge.

  post with rail round
platform curves left, ramp leads up northwest from middle of platform
Structures supporting ramp, then bridge with assortment of pillars underneath
trolley point
i-girders in middle
island marrows
row of i-girders along middle towards end
near the front of the trains is a display board in the middle, showing way out southeast

To Reach the Bridge via the Ramp

Follow the ramp, going northwest, turn right northeast at the end and go up three steps. Straight ahead is the northeast exit, turn left (northwest) for the link way to the small bridge. Turn left (southwest onto the main bridge.

Platform 8, Going Northwest from the Concourse

A row of bollards runs along the effective northeast edge of this platform. There's tactile paving near the southwest edge.

  slight slope down
display board with departure screens, in line with bollards
trolley point, about half way between the concourse and bridge
gap through to platform 9
row of structures
row of temporary structures
open space
steps to bridge

To Reach the Bridge from Platform 8

Go up 14 then 13 steps, going northwest.

Continuing Northwest on Platform 8, Beyond the Steps

  trolley point
wooden building with two blank doors, under steps

At the time of our survey, this was the effective end of the platform.

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