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The station is within the viaduct which runs along the north side of County Square and the south side of Old Sneddon Street. Gilmour Street runs north from Gauze Street, past shops, then along the east side of County Square, before going under the viaduct to Old Sneddon Street.

Central Road runs east from Gilmour Street, opposite County Square, to join Smithhills Street, which also runs north from Gauze Street - we mention this as we found several bus services here during our survey.

Entrances and Exits

The station has two entrances:

Both these entrances provides step-free access to the station. Each entrance is divided into two sections which we'll call the east and west sections.

The Main Entrance

The ticket office is the west section of the main entrance. This section also provides stepped and step-free access to the low level passage towards lifts and the Old Sneddon Street entrance. The east section leads to WH Smith and the steps to the intermediate level.

The Old Sneddon Street Entrance

The east section contains a ticket machine and the steps to the intermediate level, whilst the west section leads to the low level passage towards the lifts and the main entrance/ticket office.

Local Road Crossings

Gilmour Street south of County Square is pedestrianised, whilst traffic flows north from Central Road to Old Sneddon Street.

The Junction of Gilmour Street (North/South() and Old Sneddon Street (East/West)

Old Sneddon Street is one way, traffic flows west.

There's a single-stage crossing at each arm of this junction with tactile paving but no rotating cones. The push button is to your right as you cross each arm of this junction in either direction.

The Junction of Gauze Street (East/West) and Gilmour Street (North)

The crossing of Gauze Street is a two-stage crossing with tactile paving throughout and a sounder. Although there's a tactile island in the middle of this road, it can be treated as a single-stage crossing.

There's a post with push button and rotating cone to your right as you cross in either direction.

Local Buses

South Side of Gauze Street

There are three stops, going West from the crossing towards Smithhills Street:

North Side of Gauze Street

There are two stops between Gilmour and Smithhills streets:

West Side of Smithhills Street

There are two stops:

North Side of Central Road, Going West

South Side of Old Sneddon Street

Local Taxis

The taxi rank is separated from County Square by greenary and a fence. You're supposed to queue from the south, towards the viaduct, though we believe the regular start of the queuing area could be difficult to find, in view of the obstacles within County Square.

We therefore suggest you leave the station via the main exit, turn left, continue past the cafe, to the road then turn right. After a few metres, you reach the shelter at the front of the taxi queue. From here, you can readily find your place in the queue as necessary.

Local Features

County Square

This is a pedestrianised space bounded by the station to the north, Gilmour Street to the east, the Last Post pub on the west and a parade of shops on the south. The centre of this space is occupied by flower beds surrounded by granite seats.

West Side, Going South

  3 phone boxes
blank door
Last Post, pub, three steps down to east into central area
smoking area of pub
3 phone boxes
blank door
end of building
County Place, pedestrianised road coming in from west

South side, Going East

  parade of shops
Gilmour Street leading south.

East Side

  trees before fence.

North Side, Going East

  station entrance
east entrance, not available at the time of our survey
cafe with tables outside
Gilmour Street, leading north

The taxi rank is in a service bay off Gilmour Street

West side of Smithhills Street, Going North from Gauze Street

  bus stop
bus stop
up slope, metal railings along kerb
automatic doors to Piazza shopping mall on left
Slope down
entrance to multi-storey car park
exit from multi-storey car park
Central Road, leading west

Central Road

This road runs west, under the car park, to join Gilmour Street, opposite County Square. There are two bus stops on the north side of this road.

South Side of Old Sneddon Street

As you move away (west) from Gilmour Street, the east entrance to the station is the first door on your left, followed by the bus shelter for the Airport Bus Link on your right. There's a second (west) entrance to the station beyond this.

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