The Intermediate Level

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This is an L-shaped passage across the foot of the steps from each platform. The south leg includes steps from the main entrance and to platform 4, whilst the west leg includes steps to platforms 1 - 3 and to the Old Sneddon Street entrance.

To Reach

From the East Section of the Main Entrance

You go up 14 steps going north to the intermediate level. These steps are divided by a central rail.

From here, signs suggest that you can follow the passage west then north for platforms 1, 2 and 3 or the Airport bus Link.

From the Old Sneddon Street Entrance

You go up 13 then 11 steps, going west. These steps are divided by a central rail.

Signs opposite the top of these steps indicate way out towards town centre and taxis. Platform 2 for Gourock and Wemys Bay, platform 3 for Glasgow Central, Platform 4 for Ayr, Girvan, Stranraer, Ardrossan and Largs. Platform 1 for Hillington West, Hillington East, Cardonald and Glasgow Central.

The South Leg

This is a short section of passage running east/west with:

East End

  steps towards platform 4, departure screen above

South Side, Going West

  steps from main entrance, after short landing with billboards each side
blank wall

North Side, Going West

west leg, towards Old Sneddon Street exit

West End

  blank door with departure screen above

The West Leg

West Side, Going North

  rail information
blank wall
rail information

East Side, Going North

  south leg
blank wall
steps to platforms 2 - 3, notice board in middle of passage
departure screen in middle, at high level
blank wall
steps down to Old Sneddon Street exit
blank wall
steps up to platform 1

North End


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