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The station occupies the west side of a paved forecourt, Merkland Court, at the south end of Merkland Street, which leads south from Dumbarton Road. The forecourt is bounded to the south by Beith Street (east/west), to the east by the Partick Bus Station, Morrisons car park and the west wall of the shops.

Although the tarmac surface of Merkland Street veers left, towards the Partick Bus Station , Merkland Street continues south into the forecourt.

The area between the shops and the station, leading south towards Beith Street is paved with flower beds. The pavement opposite the station exit extends east between the Morrisons car park and the Bus Station, giving access to the three bus stops, see the Local Buses section below for details.

Vine Street (north/south) is east of the Bus Station and car park. This continues (south) along the east side of the Morrisons building.

Entrances and Exits

There are two entrances/exits to this station, each offering level access into the concourse.

Local Road Crossings

Merkland Street

At Dumbarton Road

There is tactile paving, but no pedestrian controlled crossing of Merkland Street on Dumbarton Road. Traffic flows one way, going north.

Merkland Court

Tactile paving leads northeast from outside the station entrance towards a zebra crossing towards the taxi rank. Note, there's no drop kerb or tactile paving at the northeasst end of this crossing, which is on the corner, outside Subway.

Dumbarton Road

There's a crossing with tactile paving and sounder a few metres west of Merkland Street, near the rail bridge.

Through the Bus Station

There are no pedestrian crossings marked at the exit from the car park, nor the entrance from Vine Street.

Vine Street

We noted four uncontrolled crossings:

Beith Street

There's a crossing a few metres west of the rail viaduct. This is a single-stage crossing with tactile paving. There's a post with push button and rotating cone to each side of you as you cross in either direction. Note that the left-hand post is much shorter than the right.

Local Buses

There are three bus stops, numbered 1, 2 and 3, on the left-hand side of the pavement as you move away from the station entrance. Each stop has the post with the information board to the east of the shelter. These serve:

Bus Stop 1

Bus Stop 2

Bus Stop 3

Local Features

The Centre for Sensory Impaired People

We've published our online guide to the Centre for Sensory Impaired People, 17 Gullane Street.

Merkland Street

West Side of Merkland Street, Going North from the Station Entrance

  access way, not for public use
news agent
food take away
cafe and chip shop
gents clothes
gift boutique
shoe repair
sweet shop, closed at the time of our survey

The tarmac surface of Merkland Strreet starts opposite the gift shop and a strip of tactile paving runs from here towards the station entrance, but currently stops short of this. This indicates a zebra crossing for which there is no dropped kerb or tactile paving on the east side of Merkland Street.

East Side of Merkland Street, Going North from the Taxi Rank

hair dresser
ladies clothes
funeral director

The Car Park and Bus Station

This space is divided into two sections by a strip of pavement running east from the forecourt, opposite the main entrance to the station. The south section is the Morisons car park, whilst the north serves the Bus Station (on the south side) and a taxi rank (on the north). This space is bounded on the east side by Vine Street which continues along the east side of the Morrisons building.

The Taxi Rank

You can reach this via the zebra crossing from the station entrance, turn right (east) on reaching the pavement, we understand the pick-up point is towards the east end of this pavement, just before Vine Street.

The Bus Station

There are three bus stops, numbered 1, 2 and 3, on the left-hand (north) side of the pavement as you go away from the station entrance. Note that there are trees along the south side of this pavement. From the West:

  tactile paving to zebra crossing
stop 1, with shelter
stop 2, with larger shelter
stop 3, with shelter
gap from car park
island with trolley park to right (south)
Vine Street

The entrance to the car park is between the south side of the island and the pavement outside Morrisons.

South Side of Car Park, Going East

The pavement outside the shops is under a canopy supported by a row of pillars. Going east from the forecourt, we have:

car park for Morrisons starts on left, bollards along the kerb
trolley park
entrance to Morrisons
wall juts out
HSBC cash machine
Link cash machine
wall retreats
exit from Morrisons
wall juts out then veers right (45 degrees) then right again (45 degrees), into Vine Street

West Side of Merkland Court, Going South

There are two pillars, supporting a canopy outside the station entrance.

  wall of station, curving right (west)
wall with windows
wall juts out
station entrance
wall retreats
wall with windows, bike racks
steps up to Glasgow T-Shirt Shop
wall juts out
fire exit from Subway
wall with windows
blank door, tactile mat outside
wall with two round windows
blank door
wall with windows
wall retreats

North Side, Going West

  windows with billboards
wall juts out, curving west
south entrance/exit
wall retreats, curving north
emergency exit, push bar from inside
wall juts out
small section to wall of viaduct

East Side of Merkland Court, Going South

  pavement to Bus Station
Morrisons Car Park, bollards and tree near edge of pavement
pavement on sout side of car park
wall of shops
railings retreat behind flower bed, about a metre wide

South Side of Merkland Court

  pavement on Beith Street

Within Merkland Court

This is a paved area with a gravel strip beside the station wall and a flower bed beside the fence beyond the shops. A raised flower bed juts out into this space towards the far (south) side, from the station wall. This flower bed tapers, such that the south side is much narrower than the north. A flower bed, at pavement level, continues from here to the pavement of Beith Street.

We believe part of this space, particularly towards the south, could be a staff car park.

North Side of Beith Street, Going West from Merkland Court

  Merkland Court
viaduct overhead
tactile paving indicates crossing of Beith Street
gate towards rear of station, not for public use

South of Beith Street, Beyond the Crossing

A walkway continues, through gardens, towards the river. This walkway is inlaid with information plaques describing the history of the former Meadowside Ship Yard.

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